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     Meet the C.E.R.T.S. Team


C.E.R.T.S. faculty includes some of the most experienced EMTs and medical professionals in the area in order to provide expert CPR and first aid training. Our instructors also include paramedics, nurses, and other medical professionals. C.E.R.T.S. tracks the teaching activity of over 80 instructors for the American Heart Association, making C.E.R.T.S. one of the largest and busiest training centers in Western New York. Our core American Heart Association faculty collectively trained several thousand emergency providers and healthcare professionals over the last 25 years. To find out more about our most experienced instructors, read below:


Vince Brennan - Training Center Coordinator

Vince moved to the Fairport area in 1981 after living in California, Maryland and Georgia for several years.  Fairport, and the Rochester area, is the place that Vince has come to call "home".  Establishing roots and becoming active in the community, led Vince to join Perinton Volunteer Ambulance Corps in June 1987 with the idea of becoming a dispatcher.  The desire to learn "just a little bit more" led him to an American Red Cross Advanced First Aid class in 1989.  An EMT class followed in 1990 and then, in 1994, a MCC Paramedic course.  Vince has been a member of the Southeast Quadrant MCCU for 7 years in addition to continuing his Basic Life Support at Perinton.  Vince has been active in Perinton Ambulance, serving on the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2006.  He has also held the posts of training supervisor, computer team member, manager of the loan cupboard and various committees as requested.  Vince assists the University of Rochester and Monroe Community College in their EMT training programs.  He also works with the University of Rochester in role enactment training in their medical school program.

In his spare time Vince runs Quality Vision Services, Inc., a nationwide field service company that maintains precision metrology equipment.  He supervises and maintains a quality staff of over 30 direct reports.  He also spends time traveling to his son's hockey games, and visiting his daughters in Wisconsin and Tennessee.  Vince's passion in Emergency Medical Service led one daughter into the EMS arena during college and the other into the medical field. 


 Sharon Brennan - Business Manager

After years of being a silent partner, Sharon has taken over the responsibilities of scheduling classes, logistics and developing new business opportunities. Sharon's skill with a calendar has made CERTS a vibrant organization that can react to almost any scheduling request placed on her.


Laura Enders has been a volunteer firefighter since 1994 when she joined the Honeoye Falls Volunteer Fire Department.  She became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) the following year.  In 1999 she was married and moved to Farmington where she now volunteers as a Firefighter and EMT for the Farmington Volunteer Fire Association.

In 1998, she earned her undergraduate degree in Business and in 1999 received her M.B.A. from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Laura has worked at the Monroe County EMS office since on the Health Alert Network (HAN) Project as the lead person for the Distance Learning focus area under the grant.  She has taught several courses for first responders via distance learning through this project.  She is now a Senior Health Project Coordinator at the University of Rochester where she is adapting and creating distance-learning courses for the Center for Health and Behavioral Training.

Laura is a New York State EMS Certified Lab Instructor and she has been teaching First Responders and Emergency Medical Technician students.  She became an American Heart Association CPR Instructor in 1997.  She is also an American Heart Association CPR Instructor Trainer.


Nancy Hutteman graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Physical Education from the State University of New York in Brockport.  After graduation she first taught for the City of Rochester School District and then for the Webster School District.  Nancy enjoys the longest association as a CPR instructor with both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association of all C.E.R.T.S trainers. Nancy took the first New York State EMT course offered in Monroe County, and continues to be actively involved teaching EMT students. She currently is also adjunct faculty for Monroe Community College .  Nancy is married and has two daughters and five grandchildren.


Paula Karnisky took her degree from SUNY Brockport in History and Social Studies.  For several years she taught for the Wayne Central School District.  She has volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician since 1981 with the Union Hill Volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance, where she is also a Medic trainer.  Paula became an American Red Cross instructor in 1990, and has also taught for the American Heart Association for the since 2000.  At the American Heart Association Paula is an Instructor and an Instructor Trainer.  She has taught Emergency medical skills to EMT students since 1995 and is currently adjunct faculty for Monroe Community College.  While Paula has no interest in sports, she does have an enormous rose garden that occupies her spare time, along with a talent for sewing and needlepoint.  She is married and has three grown sons and two delightful grandchildren.


Karen Kasprzak graduated with an A.A.S. degree from B.C.C. in Binghamton and works as a dental hygienist.  Her earliest memories include listening to the fire scanners of her uncles.  In 1994, with her children in school, she felt it was time to volunteer.  Karen has been an EMT at Penfield Ambulance since 1993 and is a Certified Lab Instructor for First Responders and EMT students.  She also teaches the American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies course.  Additionally she teaches CPR for the American Heart Association as an Instructor and Instructor-Trainer.  She enjoys time with her family (including a twin sister, 3 grown children, a grandson, and 2 stepchildren).